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EU Citizens, speak out against atrocities in Gaza and West Bank

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Since the 07 October 2023,The Israeli military assault on Gaza continues, with indiscriminate bombardment that has killed over 18,000 people, including over 7,500 children, destroyed Vital facilities for the Gaza strip peoples such as Hospitals, Schools, Water, Electricity and thousands of homes, and displaced over 1.5 million people.

The tightening of Israel’s siege of Gaza – cutting off supplies of food, medicine, fuel and aid – represents collective punishment of all 2.2 million people living in Gaza, around half of whom are children. The current Israeli order for more than 1 million people to leave northern Gaza and many other areas in south and the center of Gaza is causing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Hospitals have been ordered to empty and families have been bombed as they follow the order to flee. Food, water and medical supplies are running out.

As a neutral testemonial of the catastrophic situation in Gaza and the wast Bank, Philippe Lazzarini, commissioner general of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, also known as UNRWA, said in an interview with the AP that since the outbreak of the Israel-Hammas War, more than 80 U.N. facilities in the Gaza Strip have been hit. 


We urge the European demos, policy makers in EU institutions, law makers on the national and European levels, members of national parliaments, members of the European Parliament, members of civil society, academics, intellectuals and most importantly, state leaders to :

Declare an immediate ceasefire and an urgent global humanitarian action plan for Gaza; Launch a crowdfunding to support UN agencies that work in Gaza; Create a safe humanitarian corridor that ensure undisrupted flowing of medical assistance, fuel and aid to Gaza; Urge for an independent investigation populated by European experts who would look into potential war crimes and genocides committed in the current conflict; Introduce sanctions on Israeli settlements -that the EU formally considers as illegal- which torpedo the two-state solution the EU itself promotes. Recognise Palestine, accelerate the two-state solution and end the Israeli occupation that deprives people from all types of freedom (physical, mental, social, political, economic, movement). 

It is of the essence, that every student and professor of our prestigious and universally renowned academic institution work urgently to rectify what seems to be a stain in the European Union’s reputation as leading Human Rights defender and restore its perception in Gaza, Palestine and globally. EU should be leading the campaign of humanism taking stock of its strong normative imprint that nowadays seem to be under crisis. 

This is a plea to practise what we preach and make sure that the European Union lives up to the great expectations it has cultivated for the people around the world. The strong mobilisation of our community during the unjustified attack of Russia showed that our conscience is strong and that we are a community that not only thinks but acts assertively when injustice occurs. 

It is vital to give a strong message to young Palestinians that a decent future with healthcare, education and human conditions of living is not utopia but a normality that every kid in this world deserves to live. That is our biggest asset against radicalisation and extremism of any sort.

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Autant que l’acte terroriste d’Hamas, les actions d’Israël sont contraires à l’état de droit et au respect des traités internationaux ainsi que des droits humains; des crimes de guerre sont commis sous les yeux des populations européennes et des indices de génocide vient d’être reconnus. l’UE devrait appeler au cessez le feu immédiatement et contribuer à la mise en sécurité des populations palestiennes, tout en contribuant là la libération des hôtages israeliens.

Pour que soit appliqué le droit international ; parce que cette " défense" de l'état d'Israël est tout à fait disproportionnée, indigne et s'apparente de plus en plus à un génocide ; parce que la violence et la brutalité de ces bombardements tournent à l'enfer sur terre pour une population sans défense, Elle; je n'entends jamais parler du droit des Palestiniens " à se défendre" malgré toutes les violations du Droit International et les injustices dont ils sont victimes depuis plus de 50 ans ; de même où est la sécurité pour la population palestinienne, celle qu'on revendique tant pour Israël ? On n'entend jamais évoquer ce droit à vivre en sécurité pour les habitants de Palestine. Quel désir de revanche cultiveront les enfants palestiniens qui survivront à tant de violence ? Tsahal n'est-il pas en train de préparer la jeune génération palestienne à reprendre le combat du Hamas d'ici quelques années ? Je n'ai aucune sympathie pour cette organisation et condamne fermement les crimes du 7 octobre; néanmoins, je ne peux accepter ces frappes tout autant criminelles sur une population civile, privée de droits, humiliée depuis tant d'années, acculée au désespoir d'une vie sans avenir, n'ayant pour tout horizon que des murs ...
Le Hamas n'est pas né de " rien". Il a même été soutenu avec cynisme par l'état d'Israël pour affaiblir le camp de modérés et des laïques. Ne dit-on pas " qui sème le vent récolte la tempête " ?

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