The main arm of my campaign for Ethnic English Minority have the historical national fashions recognition by European union and Unesco which has other european peoples national historical costumes. The english national historical are Hawkers and criers from 1600-1700 from parts of London like spitalfields and fleet street who were street merchants and vendors of working class people.

The other fashions where the may day merry milk maids and fiddlers wearing stuart and georgian fashions of men and women who carried pewter stack plates from illustration from 1700. There rural dissenters from 1500-1600 who were working class prot from southern england especially london etc. The chaucer pilgrims of canterbury london, baths city and east anglian the ordinary dress prioress, wool merchant, alderman, monk, nun, .

victorian and regency street sellers and vendors Oysters girl, flower girls, penny song sheets seller, pie selle, fish mongers, chimney sweeps, nippers of fleet street, threadneedle street, aldgate, the strand, other areas of east end london and pearl kings and queens.


The main reasoning i sent out this e petition is for years i have look doing historical research and geography and diversity festivals which seen in local media and tv there is not reference to the true separate english minority cultural diversity identity in multicultural world.

Thank you for your support, Paul hayden from CM11 1AU
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