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Enforce the EU airline travel regulations, specifically the 7-day refund deadline.

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Adina Vălean - Transport Commissioner
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We have seen a total breakdown of respect for EU air travel regulations, airlines are not adhering to the 7-day refund deadline and are engaging in underhanded tactics to obscure and confuse passengers with the goal of making consumers accept vouchers.

Often these vouchers come with terms attached, expiration dates, and therefore are very advantageous to airlines and not so much to consumers.

The waiting times for refunds can be as long as 3 months, this if often justified by the fact that airlines are facing liquidity problems, which is ignoring the fact that many consumers are facing the same issues, yet the EU commission has decided that airline liquidity is above consumer liquidity.

But the bottom line is that we have a specific airline law here in EU, the law has not been suspended, no other law has superseded it.

If the commission continues to arbitrarily refrain from enforcing this law, it simply erodes our trust in the institution. If we cannot depend on our legal institutions to continue to protect consumers in times of crisis, then what worth do those regulations have?

I call on Adina Vălean to explain to public the lack of enforcement and investigation of those issues so far, and then actually enforce the law.


I have personally experienced a 3-month delay to my refund, I had requested a charge-back and will receive my money back, but the arrogance of airlines has driven me to make this petition, this is not about refunds, it's about airlines making up regulations for themselves and deciding when they can issue refunds. It's about lack of corporate accountability and impunity.

Travel forums are full of people in similar situations, a lot of those people are not as lucky to have a credit card and cannot avail of chargebacks, they are literally at the mercy of airlines, despite it being their money.

Let me get this clear, airlines are not negotiating with consumers and compromising, airlines are unilaterally deciding when the money will be returned, it is unfair and simply illegal.

Thank you for your support, Jacek Garbiec from Dublin 24
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