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Image of the petition Declare a feminist emergency in Kosovo - now!

Declare a feminist emergency in Kosovo - now!

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212 supporters
42% achieved 500 for collection target
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Feminist emergency - now!

On a daily basis, over 42% of girls and women experience psychological and physical violence in Kosova. Last year, there were over 2,638 reported cases of domestic violence in Kosova, of which 2120 are women. Since 2010, 54 women have been victims of femicide. In the span of one year, there were 50 cases of sexual violence reported in Kosova. Furthermore, the vast number of the unreported cases is excluded in this report.

Enough is enough! We demand a national feminist emergency in Kosova - now!

The Government must act. Every femicide, every rape and every case of psychological and physical violence is one too many. The state must commit itself to combating all forms of feminist violence. A clear package of measures is needed in which targets are set to counteract the high and rising numbers of anti-feminist violence in a sustainable and long-term manner. Among other things, raising social awareness, invest in education, increase the resources in the area of victim protection, stricter legislation and penalties, as well as the adaptation and enhancement of existing measures to regional socio-cultural structures are needed. It is not enough only to speak out and condemn the violence against women.

Concrete measures are needed!
A commitment to the fight to end the violence against women is needed!
A feminist state of emergency must be declared in Kosova - NOW!


How many more femicides will it take for us to wake up, to fight together against the patriarchy that oppresses and pettifogs women, that traps women in a pigeonhole carved out historically by men, undermines potential and wastes lives?

Femicides are not isolated incidents. They are a collective problem, starting with little boys and girls as they have their roles imposed on them! A stand must be taken, a clear message must be sent to a religious-patriarchal system with a direct mandate for collective emancipation! This is how women are heard and protected. In this way, laws can be tightened, and punitive measures increased, intervention strategies expanded, and prevention measures implemented.

By talking of simple individual cases, looking away and turning our backs on the feminist demands of the movement, we are making ourselves complicit in the crimes.

Feminist emancipation concerns us all and the protection of girls and women even more so.


Thank you for your support, Qëndresa Sadriu from Meilen
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