RnB Producer, / Vocalist / Multi-instrumentalist / Songwriter, he's a musical genius.

He’s inarguably the biggest male R&B singer since Marvin Gaye and probably the most talented. Kelly has sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million albums worldwide.

He worked with the greatest (Céline Dion, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Quincy Jones, Maxwell,Toni Braxton, K-Ci & Jojo, Jaheim...).

Who can forget his hit? Ignition Remix, Bump N Grind, I Believe I Can Fly, You Remind Me, I'm A Flirt Remix, Step In The Name Of Love, The World Greatest, Thoia Thoing, If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time, When A Womans Loves....) So so memories...

Mister Kelly, we know you have the plane phobia... But we Believe You Can Fly !

So please come to Europe ! You have so much fans waiting for you ! We love you. Real Talk ;)

R. Kelly Fans


If you are a R. Kelly Fan and RnB/Soul music sign this petition ! :D Peace & 12 Play.

Thank you for your support, R. Kelly Fans from Chaveyriat
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