By S. W. (Polish) on the situation in Poland during COVID-19 

S. W.
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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


The petitioner complains about a mandatory fourteen day-long home quarantine with a possibility of dismissal based solely on a decision from a local sanitary inspector. This quarantine is imposed on Polish citizens returning to Poland during on-going COVID-19 pandemic. A violation of a quarantine results in a substantial fine of up to thirty-five thousand PLN. This quarantine also includes all family members residing in the same place without any exception. This situation hits greatly those families who work in another country and need to cross the border multiple times a week. People who are directed on said quarantine are sent to undergo a test for the coronavirus beforehand. When they receive a negative result, confirming that they are not infected, are not a carrier and therefore do not present any danger to the health of the general public, the quarantine should be not necessary, and is possibly unlawful. The petitioner is describing his personal case when he was imposed a quarantine even though his test came back negative, moreover he is insured in Germany and under health condition that requires his regular traveling to German health clinic. He alleges that this isn't an isolated incident, hundreds of Poles are unable to provide for their family and/or are denied access to their properties because they can only stay in one place they provided to the authorities. He claims that there were unconstitutional restrictions of movement, denying citizens the right to leave their home, visit their gardens, enter or go through parks, cemeteries and forests and even attempts to control what constitutes essential shopping and what doesn't, then fining people who don't meet the criteria.

Thank you for your support, S. W.

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