Addressing to Yager Development for returning The Cycle Frontier

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Request to Bring Back The Cycle Frontier

Dear Yager Developers,

We, the players, were deeply saddened to learn about the closure of The Cycle Frontier. We believe that the game has immense potential and can become one of the best games in the PvPvE genre.

We urge you to reconsider your decision to shut down the game and bring back The Cycle Frontier.

As arguments, we would like to present the following:

Dedicated and active player base.

The Cycle Frontier community is very close-knit and passionate.

Over time, the game has amassed a large number of active players who dedicated time to it daily.

Unique gameplay:

The Cycle Frontier combines elements of PvPvE, making it very dynamic and exciting.

The game offers players unique mechanics not found in other projects:

Combination of PvE and PvP: Players fight both hostile creatures and each other.

Contract system: Players complete various tasks to obtain valuable rewards.

Unique map: The game world is divided into several zones, each with its own characteristics.

Huge potential for development:

Yager Developers has already done a great job, but there are still many opportunities to improve the game.

However, there were also some drawbacks:

Bugs and technical issues.

Lack of content.

Improvement suggestions:

Bug fixing and game optimization.

Adding new content (maps, weapons, quests).

Player willingness:

We are willing to purchase in-game items to support the game.

We are willing to recommend the game to our friends.

Testing and development:

We are willing to participate in testing new features and content.

We are willing to share our opinions and suggestions for improving the game.

Media promotion:

We are willing to help promote the game on social media and other platforms.

We are willing to create content (videos, articles, streams) that will help attract new players.

Financial assistance:

We are willing to support the game financially, if necessary (to the best of our ability).


We express our hope that Yager Developers will listen to the players and reconsider the decision to close The Cycle Frontier. We believe that The Cycle Frontier can become a phenomenally successful game if given another chance to develop.

Contact information:

SMILEGUY contact:

NikolaiPro contact:

We urge all The Cycle Frontier players and concerned people to sign and share this request.

The more people who sign and share the request, the better the chances of its success.


"Why the petition to bring back The Cycle Frontier is important":

Dedicated Community:

The Cycle Frontier has a dedicated and active community that enthusiastically supports the game. The petition shows Yager Developers how large and engaged the player base is, which may encourage them to reconsider their decision.

Unique Gaming Experience:

The Cycle Frontier offers PvPvE gameplay that is not found in other games. The petition emphasizes the game's uniqueness and its potential for development within the PvPvE genre.

Untapped Potential:

The Cycle Frontier has great potential for growth, but its closure means that potential will not be realized. The petition urges Yager Developers to continue working on the game and bring it to its full potential.

Commercial Interest:

The petition demonstrates that The Cycle Frontier has commercial potential. Players are willing to purchase in-game items and recommend the game to friends, which could make it profitable.

Industry Influence:

Bringing back The Cycle Frontier could set a precedent for other games that have been prematurely closed. The petition may change developers' approach to closing games and give projects with dedicated communities a chance.

Moral Aspect:

Closing a game in which people have invested time and money can be disappointing. The petition allows players to express their opinion and be heard by developers.

Community Power:

The petition unites The Cycle Frontier players and demonstrates their strength and influence. The more people sign the petition, the more likely Yager Developers are to listen to their community. Signing the petition is an easy way to show Yager Developers that you care about The Cycle Frontier's fate.

The more people sign the petition, the greater the chance that the game will be brought back.

Please sign the petition and share it with your friends!

Thank you for your support, Kyrylo Mokhnatov from KOšICE
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