Do you agree, that the air in your city is becoming more and more polluted? Do you agree, that the streets in front of your door could be calmer and going to work could be safer and more pleasant? How would it feel like to just walk around on the streets usually overcrowded by car traffic? Support this petition for 5 European Sundays per year without car traffic! In detail, we demand a ban on driving concerning the private, commercial and professional traffic (public transport, emergency transport, Police cars excluded) for example on: january 1`st, Easter Sunday, Whit Sunday, Christmas Day and the first Sunday of Ramadan.


  • set a European example on climate protection
  • a slowdown in the inner city
  • finally unpolluted air on 5 days of the year
  • decrease of CO2-production
  • decrease of noise stress and dirt pollution
  • stress-free Sundays for human and nature
  • create free space on 5 days to give different utilization
Thank you for your support, Rebecca Kessler from Kiel
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