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Un obbligo di registrazione dei custodi potrebbe ridurre la conservazione di molte varietà

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09/27/2023, 02:11

Liebe Unterstützende,
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Wir bedanken uns herzlich für Ihr Engagement und die Unterstützung,
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05/06/2022, 18:57

Dear supporters of the petition,

our demands and the many signatures have already achieved something. In December 2021, the EU Commission wrote in a report on the evaluation of the regulations around the plant passport that the evaluation was not clear on the point of web shops, among others, and that more discussion was needed. In particular, there were indications that the administrative burden was too high, the EU Commission reported:

In the meantime, the EU Commission is taking a closer look at our demands. This emerges from a survey sent to the member states. In Germany, the responsible ministry has carried out a consultation in which the umbrella organization has participated.

A decision by the EU Commission now seems imminent: Will seed savers who sell traditional varieties via web shops have to register officially or will they be spared? Will their commitment for cultivated plant diversity continue?

Reinforcement of our demands is essential. Please remind your contacts and networks to sign!

03/25/2022, 13:59

Dear supporters,

The EU Commission is conducting a consultation on the planned reform of EU seed law. The first legislative proposal is expected by the end of 2022. Citizens and organisations, whether in the EU or outside the EU, can participate in the consultation until 27 March 2022.

The Dachverband Kulturpflanzen- und Nutztiervielfalt e.V. provides information about its response, as straightforward as possible, see

In Sweden, over 1000 citizens have already taken part, although it takes some effort. High participation despite hurdles - this would be a great start for the already very controversial reform process.

Please join in!

Kind regards

Susanne Gura
Member of the Board
Umbrella Association for Conservation of Cultivated Plants and Breeds

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