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Russia's Genocide against Ukraine

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09/01/2023, 11:34

Уточнення назви з метою розуміння змісту заклику.

нова назва: Recognition of Russia's genocideGenocide against Ukraine 2.0

новий текст петиції :

The petition "Recognize Russia's"Russia's Genocide against Ukraine" is an important step in appealing to every person on planet Earth to recognize the crimes that Russia has committed and is committing against Ukraine as genocide.

The goal: to show support and call on the international community to recognize Russia's actions against Ukraine as genocide. We believe that this is an important step in ensuring moral justice, protecting human rights and preventing future crimes against humanity.

Description of the problem: Ukraine has been a victim of aggression by Russia since 2014. Russia annexed Crimea and supported separatist movements in eastern Ukraine. These actions led to thousands of deaths, massive human rights violations, destruction of property, and a humanitarian crisis. This must be seen as a systematic attempt to destroy the Ukrainian people.

We ask the international community: We call on governments, international organizations, human rights organizations and civil society to recognize Russia's actions against Ukraine as genocide. This is an important step to ensure justice and accountability and to prevent similar crimes in the future.

Call to Action: We call on everyone who supports the cause of truth and justice to join this petition and join the global movement to ensure recognition of Russia's genocide against Ukraine. With our voices, we can change the world and end impunity for crimes against humanity.

Completion: Signatures and support for this petition will be forwarded to relevant governments, international organizations and justice bodies to recognize Russia's genocide against Ukraine and take appropriate action.

This petition acts as a means of public pressure and expression of support to achieve the goal of recognizing the genocide and ensuring justice for the victims of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

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