Paros Ancient Quarries: No to the irreverent transaction

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Ministry of Culture, Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades, Municipality of Paros
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09/15/2022, 10:41

Added documentation around the ancient marble quarries: a video and some articles.

Neue Begründung:

We know that solutions exist, and the distribution of responsibilities is specific and clear.

We demand the immediate resolution of the ownership issue through a purchase by the Ministry of Culture or the Municipality and the taking of all necessary measures following the findings of the International Conference organized by the Institute of Archaeology of Paros and the Cyclades (I.A.P.K), Paria Lithos in 1997, and the event at the Old Parliament of Athens in 2019 organized by the Federation of Parian Associations, I.A.P.K. and the Cultural Association 'Archilochos'.

Any other proposal is evasion and leads to destruction and not rescue. We will not allow it.

The petition was launched by:

  • Archilochos Cultural Association
  • Paros Festival
  • Parikia Traditional Settlement Association
  • Paros Women's Association "Ariis"


Some articles about the Parian Marble and the ancient quarries:

  • The underground quarries of Paros are a great world heritage
  • Secrets of the ancient quarries
  • The palimpsest of the Nymph’s quarry at Marathi, Paros

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