No Olympic Games in radioactive regions

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4/22/20, 6:59 PM

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo have been moved to 2021. We have therefore decided to extend our campaign.

Neuer Petitionstext: The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are approaching. have been moved to 2021. We have branded them the
therefore decided to extend our campaign. The Olympic Games in Japan will be
"Radioactive Olympic Games", because Japan is still suffering from radioactive contamination due to the multiple nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima nine years ago.
We stand in solidarity with all those affected by radioactivity in Japan. The
Olympic Movement needs to address their situation.
We oppose this attempt to use the Olympics to portray a false normality in the affected regions.
**We demand that the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government refrain from holding the baseball and softball competitions in Fukushima City and the Olympic torch relay in radioactively contaminated areas.**
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