No Olympic Games in radioactive regions

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12/22/2019, 11:31

Wir wurden darauf higeweisen, dass es korrekter ist, die Dosisangabe in mSv/a anzugeben als nur in mSv.

Neue Begründung: The situation in the contaminated regions remains volatile, the crippled reactors are still not under control. Every day, they release radioactivity into the environment, threatening the health of the population. With every flood, severe storm, forest fire or earthquake, more radioactivity can be released into the environment.
The International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government plan to hold Olympic baseball and softball competitions in Fukushima City, a mere 50 km from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.
The Olympic torch is planned to be carried through areas still full of radioactive hot spots, starting on 26 March 2020 in the so-called J-Village, only 20 km from the reactors.
After the meltdowns, the Japanese government raised the legally permitted radioactive
dose levels for the general public from 1 mSv mSv/a to 20 mSv mSv/a in order to prevent further
evacuations and to pressure evacuees into returning to decontaminated areas. The Japanese authorities are violating international radiation protection regulations with this policy.
Especially children, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly are facing relevant health risks as a result.
Go to **** to find out more or contact us at ****.

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