Humanity Before Nationality

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The petition was withdrawn by the petitioner

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07/26/2022, 12:28

Dear #HumanityB4Nationality Supporter

I have received an answer from Brussels!!!! You can read the letter on my blog LilyAmis.Blogspot.com here: lilyamis.blogspot.com/2022/07/Brussels.html

The #HumanityB4Nationality petition may END here on this platform with meaningless and obviously copy/pasted empty words, BUT I have also posted this (in German) on the Swiss petition platform “Act Campax, Make Change happen”.

This platform has no expiry date! This means if you want, you can sign the petition there as well and inform your family and friends who care about the plight of refugees worldwide and continue to be the voice for the voiceless!

As you can guess, I'm not accepting this standard letter where they practically repeat and list all the problems and issues that I have already mentioned in my online petition without taking action regarding my/our request. The focus in this letter is mainly on the Ukraine war, while I have started this petition a year ago, months before this new refugee crisis in Europe!

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Sign for #HumanityB4Nationality petition on the Swiss platform (In German):

Thank you for your love and support and best wishes,
Lily Amis
Writer, Blogger, Lyricist, Voice4Refugees

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