Humanity Before Nationality

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06/23/2022, 16:27

Dear #HumanityB4Nationality Supporter,

As you know from my previous email, last Saturday we finally sent out my petition letter to Missis Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the EU commission in Brussels.

On our way back home from the post office, we saw a lady walking by with her adorable little dog. I was very curious about the dog’s race and started a conversation. It turned out that the puppy was only five months old. Her owner explained that she had asked a friend who lives in Spain to contact her as soon as her dog was having puppies, so she would fly over and pick up her new baby dog. Nice story, right?

Well, that’s not the reason why I’m sharing this today! What she said next was mind-blowing! She told us how easy it was to get her puppy from Spain to Switzerland. After getting vaccinated and getting a vaccination certificate, she also applied and got an EU PASSPORT!!!

Yes, an EU Passport! Can you believe it? And when they landed at Zurich Airport, no one even cared to control and the little dog was welcomed in Switzerland with open arms and no hassle at all!

WOW! This got me thinking! A little dog has an EU Passport and is allowed to travel wherever she wants. She is allowed to live freely wherever she desires. What a privilege it is to be a DOG and enjoy all the freedom in the world, while innocent refugees are help- and powerless over their own destiny and life choices! Some of them are recycled in refugee camps. Others are stuck in refugee shelters in EU cities without any chance to improve anything in their life, because of a piece of paper!

It took me 27 years, almost three decades, to be a naturalized Swiss and be finally free to travel wherever I want without Visa hassles at the Embassies. We couldn’t move from one city (Lucerne) to another (Zurich) for seven years, because of bureaucracy and the awful refugee law. We lost so many precious years, opportunities, and possibilities because we were permanently reduced to a piece of paper! And that’s the misery that all the refugees have to deal with. Some of them for years and some even for decades!

So, I’m just wondering why the EU can’t treat refugees like dogs? Why don’t you give the innocent victims of the war a fair chance to integrate and become independent members of the European countries? Why? It could save us all so many problems if every single human would be treated like a dog. It would be so wonderful if every single refugee could live a free life without racism and discrimination because of nationality, religion, and race!

Just give it some thought and imagine...

For the love of God, if you are not willing to give the refugees a proper residency and work permits and allow them to contribute to your country with knowledge and skills, at least give them the chance to educate, because Education is the passport to life! Don’t punish and recycle the refugees like a disease in refugee shelters and refugee camps for years!

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