Humanity Before Nationality

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03/15/2022, 15:23

Only a week before this unbelievably senseless nightmare and bloody war started in Ukraine, the song “Blood is always red!” was written by me and recorded by British singer and songwriter Thir13een. It is an anti-war and anti-discrimination song to bring awareness about the plight of refugees and my online petition #HumanityB4Natioanlity here on openpetiton.eu.

I could never have imagined that 80 years after World War II, one single man would be able to destroy so many lives AGAIN and be responsible for so many innocent deaths. We are once again witnessing human crime and a new refugee crisis in Europe.

As I say in my song lyrics, “Blood is always red!”

Haven’t two bloody world wars done enough damage to humanity?
Haven’t we learned anything from history?
Bombs kept falling like raindrops from the sky
Blood were flowing like tears from people’s eyes
Innocent people have lost their homes and nationality
to become voiceless refugees with no rights and identity

Right now, the solidarity and awareness about the refugees is exactly what I was hoping and asking for with this online petition in the previous six months. The generosity and kind gestures from the Europeans are overwhelming. I wish everyone would be ALWAYS that kind, thoughtful, giving, caring, loving, understanding, supportive and helpful to humans in need, and not only when they feel threatened, scared, worried, and unsure about their own life and existence!

The huge amount of money that European countries and their governments are donating to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugees right now is truly a miracle. The BIG question is where is all the money coming from? How come, those refugees from 2015 are still struggling in refugee camps under the most inhuman and disgusting living conditions with absolutely no sign of help and support wide and bride? How come no one was willing to help them to settle down and have a normal and safe life in dignity? Why didn’t governments donate this huge amount of money to help the millions of refugees so far? WHY?

What the UK is doing right now with its “Homes for Ukraine refugee scheme program” should have been the solution for all the refugees from 2015. Instead, they have been treated like garbage, dirt, and disease and were forced to suffer in silence for way too many years!

We don’t know what the future brings. And trust me; the last thing I want is to experience a second war! I have already lost so much because of one war in my childhood in my beloved country. I don’t think that I can handle another war in the heart of Europe!

Let’s hope and pray that this nightmare will end as soon as possible. Every single day that’s goes by is a human crime. Every single death is a disgrace to humanity! Let’s pray that the Ukrainian refugees will have a happy future in their adopted countries, where they are not only welcome for now! I hope they will also be welcome with open arms and opportunities when this war comes to an end while they have settled down under such horrible circumstances – a new life overnight from zero to an uncertain future. I hope the refugees won’t be forced to leave by law and can live a happy life without prejudice, discrimination, rejection, and bureaucracy!

The song “Blood is always red!” will be out on 22.3.22 and available on all streaming platforms!

My thoughts and prayers are with every single person who is now experiencing bomb attacks, as well as those who have left their country and are now facing the challenging journey as refugees!!!

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