Humanity Before Nationality

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My Song4Refugees: "80 Million People!"

at 06 Feb 2022 09:46

Dear #HumanityB4Nationality Supporter

It’s been six months since I’ve started this online petition. Despite Zoom conversations, messages to refugee organizations and charities, and social media posts, so far we have only 40 signatures!

Back in May 2021, I have submitted my song lyrics “80 Million People!” to the UK songwriting contest with the main goal to bring more awareness about the plight of refugees. This was months before I started this online petition in August 2021. My lyrics were scored with 4 from 5 stars, and now I’m releasing the song and official video on YouTube. I hope that with the miracle of music and the power of lyrics, we can get more supporters for this important cause!

Please watch, like, comment, and share it with everyone you know, who cares about humanity and better rights for refugees worldwide. Remember, music is the universal language of LOVE!

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