Gendered misconduct in competition law academia

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01/22/2024, 10:07

We were asked why we were requesting donations, although we were not. This is a clarification.

New petition description:

In a recent editorial, over 60 women in competition law academia pointed towards a range of gendered misconduct in their field. This ranges from a lack of representation and various forms of marginalising women to discrimination and outright harassment.

By signing this petition, you voice your support for ending gendered misconduct in competition law academia.

Everybody is welcome to sign. Please share widely - your support means a lot!

The editorial is available here:

Please note: where this website asks for donations, it is for the platform - not for this initiative. Our initiative does not accept donations! Thank you.

New deadline: 31.12.2024
Signatures at the time of the change: 43

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