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2023. 03. 16. 8:17

clearer description of why this is so important

New petition description:

Europeanwe School Education Platform,want the newwebsite ofback eTwinning.ESPThisfor firsteasy version of the platform offers eTwinners the main services to find partnersaccess and developoperation projects.And that's where it ends, doesn't work from day one, and when it does, it's too slow, or you're missing items.Contacts you have are gone and cannot be foundProjects unavailable.etc.And this should be a safe and convenient place wherefor students and teachers can easily work together.We had a place that worked eTwinning.netSo sign for putting back this environment.We lose precious time, members and inspiration because of a monstrosity of a system

Neue Begründung:

ChildrenEuropean School Education Platform, the new home of eTwinning. or called "ESEP" but has now made the system unworkable due to the many layers. what was two mouse clicks is now uncountable and unworkable for a child. we are now losing users and potential users and that can never be the future.intention.Sign digitallyand thereindicate arewhy, nohow boundarieslong anymore,you have been a member and why you think this platform is so workingimportant.

Thank togetheryou and getting to know each other is super important. You start early with that. The

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