An open letter to the WHO: "The disastrous situation in Iran due to the current corona pandemic”

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06/13/2021, 02:11

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04/14/2020, 20:29

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Neue Begründung: The corona pandemic is currently keeping the entire world in suspense. Iran is one of the most affected countries by far. In total, there are currently 71,686 confirmed cases and 4,474 deaths (April 12, 2020). 2020 official statistics of the Iranian Ministry of healthcare). These are only the official statistics. The other unofficial statistics of cases are certainly higher due to a lack of transparency.
The catastrophic management and lack of competence of those responsible in Iran led to the rapid spread of the new Corona Virus / Covid-19 throughout the country. Instead of educating the population, efforts are still being made to cover up the true extent of the crisis. Instead of suggesting solutions, there are crude conspiracy theories being spread. The global significance of the current pandemic is ignored.
Even before the crisis, the healthcare system was in a desolate state due to wrong healthcare policies. Many hospitals are currently unable to treat their patients properly and professionally. The simplest equipment is often lacking. The medical staff are doing their best at the Frontline with limited resources to help people. The lack of protective equipment means that doctors and nurses risk and sacrifice their lives every day.
We as physicians' associations from Germany, therefore ask the world community to provide urgently needed medical aid for Iran through all international possibilities. The distribution and management of deliveries on site must be carried out directly and transparently by aid organizations before aid supplies in Iran are misused or sold on the black market(illegal market).
This crisis can no longer be overcome by Iran alone. We therefore urge you to act NOW and save lives in Iran.

Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 14 (13 in Europäische Union)

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