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A) STATUS OF THE BAILIFFI quote author Jakub Michálek, Auxiliary Authorities in the meaning of the Act on Free Access to Information: „A bailiff is a natural person to whom the state has partially transferred the execution of the judiciary.According to the Constitution, although independent courts (Article 81) exercise jurisdiction, the law may stipulate in which cases and other citizens participate in the decision-making of the courts (Article 94). more here

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In the area of enforcement, laws are regulated in an effort to remedy, only after several years of suffering borrowers, but the individual adjustments are always enforced by law increasing the powers of executors, without increasing their liability.On the usury, and debts trafficking is poorly regulated. During the 18 years of this system, moral principles are being gradually abolished, and perhaps all laws, including international treaties, human rights, and the worldwide UHIJ Global Enforcement Enforcement Code, Intarnational Union of Judicial Officers of May 2015, have been violated

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Petition for Europien Parliement About status Privates Bailiffs and entforcements for children til 1-15 years old. – 3500 and 60000 cases entforcement for the debts from the childrenhood. This is skandal. 900.000 peoples in entforcements and 5 000 000 debts in courts. Introduction Act No. 120/2001 Coll. a new method of debt recovery was established in the Czech Republic and a private „bailiff“ was appointed with it, followed by a bailiff. Frequent amendments to the law During the eighteen years, the legal norm has undergone 45 amendments.

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