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Dear Sir/Madam

We as the Hellenic Community of Breaking, we are writing to you, in order to express our dismay about the WDSF Chapter of Greece.After the meeting we had with the president of WDSF Chapter of Greece, Mr. Pavlidis, we decided not to support any action of the Federation. Some of us got a phone call by Mr. Pavlidis in the beginning of this year. He was sheeking for someone who knew how to organize a breaking event. We guide him to have a meeting with the leaders of each crew and that’s why we organize a call meeting. Before the call meeting he sent to us a PDF with the rules that he wrote by his self and pressent it as the rules of WDSF, also he was posting on his facebook page that people can get Hip Hop and Breaking diploma sign by his federation. We saw some dance school owners who get tricked from him and payed for geting his degree. In the meeting we tried to discuss about this mistakes but he was negative in order to change something. Instead of looking for ways to create a lucrative situation for the dancers, Mr. Pavlidis asked 130€ yearly, also sayings, the winners of the Quallification of Greece they have to travel by their own expenses to France or to any other country for the Finals. After we refused to work with him, he called some of us and tried to convince to work with him without the rest of the scene. Breaking is something unknown for the Federation. That is why we believe that they should cooperate with experienced Bboys and Bgirls in order to create a situation that will have a future for the scene and the federation. Additionally the WDSF department of Greece are selling fake Breaking teaching degrees to completely non experienced dancers and students.

Yours faithfully,

Hellenic Community of Breaking.


We are very positive of Break Olympics and the events of WDSF. Some of our’s dancers have already joind WDSF events of the other countries as judges and DJ’s.

We are asking about a conversation with the serious person and not as thecurrent president who is only interested in how he will benefit from us. Would be such a shame if ours country will not be in the list for the next years.

We respectfully ask you to address the issue.

Yours faithfully,

Hellenic Community of Breaking.

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