Protect the important view to the UNESCO World Heritage Abbey of St. Gall, Switzerland! The public view to the southern old town and the abbey district with the Gallus relief should not be obstructed and thus destroyed!


The public view from Berneggstrasse to the south side of the UNESCO World Heritage Abbey District of St. Gallen is unique. Amongst other things the relief with the legend of Gallus and the bear is closest from here, exactly horizontal opposite and can be seen in detail. It was built in 1776 to be read and interpreted from here. Since then, it has always been publicly visible.

For us, this is an important view in the sense of UNESCO World Heritage guidelines. (Art. 104) It should be preserved to the public.

The authorities of the city of St. Gallen have issued a building permit directly in front of it. Without our recourse against it, this important view would already be destroyed.

The association World Heritage Stiftsbezirk St. Gallen in our opinion has not seriously examined whether this is an important view.

We therefore ask that the UNESCO World Heritage Center in Paris to check by their independent experts on site if this is an important view, so that the necessary consequences can be drawn from all sides.


Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Hanspeter Egloff-Lötscher aus St. Gallen
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