STOP! amino/clo-pyralid in our agriculture! It contaminates manure, soil, fertilizers.

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9 supporters
2% achieved 500 for collection target
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This is a potent herbicide. It does not degrade in composting, it is found in hay, grass and silage cut from sprayed fields and the chemical passes through feeding animals into their manure.

It's found in soil and even fertilizers, and it takes years to get the soil healthy again if you have it in your garden!

Growing and farming should be for everyone and shouldn't be restricted to only big farmers that spray this poison so the rest of the land is useless for everyone else!

We don't want a herbicide in our soil that misshapen and kill our plants!


Because! Many people have in the past years noticed plants being miss shaped because of pyralid damage that comes from big farmers industries..

The rest product comes into the manure from animals eating spayed hay! Not only that, there is drift damage from big fields!

It takes years to manage and get rid of aminopyralid from your soil when its in your garden!

We the "little" people want to be able to grow our own beans, tomatoes, potatoes!

Thank you for your support, Elina Haglund from Linköping
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That we can all live healthy, animals, humans and we have a possibility to grown our own vegetables in the future without pylarid contamination that will destroy the plants!..

That it will harder for farmers to get rid of the weed.

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