To transfer Black Desert accounts of Ukraine and Baltic States players from RU to EU server

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Large amount of us were playing Black Desert Online many years, some of us - from the start of the game. We have done a really nice progress and don't want to lose it, during the fresh start on EU server.

Since the war was begun, most of Ukrainian and Baltic States people, who supports the independence of Ukraine, cannot freely play on RU server, because of some technical problems, such an internet connection to the RU servers problems when connecting outside from Russia; aggressive bulling actions from the war-supporting people in game chats, forums. And many people don't want to have fun with enemies.

By the way, Baltic States, from the start of a Black Desert project, by mistake, was bound to RU region of game (GameNet company). And we support Ukraine as well, so "we are in the same boat".

We, part of players of Black Desert Online game, would like to please You

1. To transfer :

a.) Or the whole game data (account) from the RU server to the EU server.

b.) Or, we understand, if it is currently not available, and You will not plan to add this feature in the near future, we would like to transfer, at least, some small count of items from our accounts on the RU server to the EU server. This may be pieces of equipment that is obtained by the gameplay, for example: weapons and armor from only one character, this well be enough for the nice start.

It's ok, if there will not be transferred the items from the pearl shop and Cron stones. We understand it.

2. To officially reply about a solution of this situation.

P.s. We all understand, that all this is business and all is about a money, so it is ok, if a transfer will cost some money, we can pay for it.


It is important to us because it will grant a good game experience and a good game service, as Pearl Abyss Corp. declared.

Iti multumesc pentru sprijin, Igors Timofejevs din Riga
Întrebare pentru inițiator


I wish you all good luck with this petition! The current situation in Ukraine is devastating and hopefully you all will accept my Pro vote as an "every little bit counts" type of vote as I believe you all deserve to feel safe and welcome in this world as well as the world of Black Desert Online! In the event that this petition works, we (here in Europe) will accept and welcome you with open arms.

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