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For over three decades, the Eritrean government has been under the authoritarian rule of President Isaias Afwerki. The people of Eritrea have been subjected to gross human rights abuses, including widespread censorship, arbitrary arrests, and forced conscription. The lack of freedom, justice, and democratic institutions have created an unbearable environment, resulting in a steady exodus of Eritreans seeking refuge around the world.
However, the dictatorship's impact extends even further, into the neighboring region of Tigray. Eritrean forces have been extensively involved in the ongoing conflict in Tigray, causing grave human rights violations and exacerbating a dire humanitarian crisis. Numerous reports and testimonies have shed light on the indiscriminate killing of civilians, sexual violence against women, destruction of infrastructure, and the humanitarian blockade preventing vital aid from reaching those in need.

It is our duty as members of the global community to stand against these atrocities and advocate for justice, peace, and the restoration of human rights. We urge you to use your platform and influence to address the following actions:
1. Raise awareness: Utilize your communication channels to raise awareness about the egregious human rights violations committed by the Eritrean government in Tigray.
2. Call for an impartial investigation: Strongly advocate for an independent, transparent, and impartial investigation into the crimes committed by the Eritrean government in Tigray, in order to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.
3. Urge political intervention: Use your position to encourage diplomatic efforts to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Tigray, and call on international organizations and governments to apply pressure for an immediate cessation of hostilities.
4. Extend humanitarian support: Advocate for increased humanitarian aid and urge the removal of any obstacles preventing its delivery, including the lifting of the blockade imposed by the Eritrean government.
We believe that your involvement in addressing this issue will contribute significantly to combating the dictatorship in Eritrea and alleviating the suffering endured by the people of Tigray. By standing together, we can bring an end to the impunity and human rights abuses perpetrated by the Eritrean government.
We kindly request a response regarding any steps or actions you intend to take in response to this petition. Your voice, along with the collective efforts of concerned individuals around the world, can truly make a difference.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and for standing with us in our pursuit of justice and peace.

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