Protect children from freely available pornography on the Internet

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Pornography is accessible to every child on the Internet without effective age control. Protection of minors does not actually take place on the Internet.

We demand that children be protected from freely available pornography with an effective lock. Children are de-socialized on the Internet through pornography.

Adolescents spend much of their free time visiting porn sites today. Politicians largely ignore the fact that elementary school students are already consuming pornography on the Internet. ( (07.11.2017)

The largest group of users of freely available internet pornography is the age group of 12 to 18 year olds.


According to applicable law, the porn market accessible to children fulfills a criminal offense:

Section 184 of the Criminal Code (StGB): "Whoever makes pornography accessible to a person under the age of eighteen or accesses it in a place that can be viewed, exhibited or performed by minors, makes himself liable to prosecution. "

The state has a role model function and must therefore ensure that our children are protected from influences that impair or even endanger their mental, intellectual and physical well-being.

The role models of the porn industry shape children's brain structures of violent, inhumane sexual practices that can control their feelings of pleasure for life.

New studies show that early and intensive consumption of pornography deforms young brain structures, inhibits the ability to bind and promotes sexual violence.

Article 1 of the Basic Law: "Human dignity is inviolable. To respect and protect it is an obligation of all state violence."

We hereby call for the state's duty of protection to respect human dignity. Hard pornography constitutes a violation of human dignity. Women are abused, beaten, insulted, degraded and raped in the sexual stimulation depictions of the consumer. In view of the voluntary waiver of the actors' human dignity in porn productions, the state has an obligation to protect minors from the role model function of freely available pornographic content.

Male porn actors who behave like sexual psychopaths become role models for the male sexuality of the young Internet generation.

Pornography normalizes sexual violence.

In the most popular porn films, sexual violence against women is normal:

88% of the scenes show physical violence 49% of the scenes contain verbal aggression against women 95% of the victims of sexual violence react neutral or with pleasure ´

Analysis of research into sexual violence and pornography shows that porn consumers develop the following beliefs and practices:

the rape victim is enjoying the rape Women in general enjoy rape a rape victim has pleasure and "gets what she wanted" Women would make false allegations of rape a higher likelihood of future rape, more frequent rape participation

We demand the implementation of the youth protection media state contract.

Youth Protection Media State Treaty (JMStV): State Treaty on the Protection of Human Dignity and Protection of Minors in Radio and Telemedia) states:

General provisions § 1 The purpose of the State Treaty is the uniform protection of children and adolescents from offers in electronic information and communication media that impair or endanger their development or education, and the protection against such offers in electronic information and communication media that affect human dignity or violate other legal goods protected by the Criminal Code.

Inadmissible offers § 4 5. Describe cruel or otherwise inhumane acts of violence against people in a way that expresses glorification or trivialization of such acts of violence or that represents the cruel or inhumanity of the process in a manner that violates human dignity; this also applies to virtual representations ...

Pornography normalizes violent sexuality that despises women and thus damages the development of children into healthy, lovable adults.


What future awaits us if children learn the relationship between women and men through freely available pornography?

Pornography captivates child's attention. Like a heroin shot, the consumption of pornography immediately fixes the child's curiosity. The young brain is responding. It calls for more arousal while it soaks up the sex depictions like a dry sponge and anchors them neuronally in the long term. In the excited state of trance on the monitor, the young brain structures form the first basic sexual arousal patterns, which can remain linked to the numb sex practices of the porn industry for life. (

Porn sex practices are normal for teenagers today, and group sex is the latest trend among teenagers: / Literature: "Germany's sexual tragedy. If children don't learn more what love is. " Siggelkow / Büscher)

Free pornography leads us into a loveless and violent future!

13% of girls and 3% of boys now experience sexual violence from other adolescents.

Children rape children. Along with the free availability of pornography on the Internet, a third of all sexual offenses today started with minors. "When children sexually abuse children" (01/23/2016)

Pornography consumption does much more than just sexual excitement and entertainment, it implants completely wrong values, ideas and stereotypes for dealing with women in the brain of the user and has profound effects on the brain, psyche, relationships and our children's ideas of sexuality and the role of man and woman. ("Was uns heute unterhält, kann uns morgen töten", Iris Zukowski, Ruhland Verlag)

The free availability of pornography on the Internet serves market economy interests. Pornography is highly addictive and a billion dollar business.

Never before has there been a freely available pornography offering in this dimension: 68 million search queries on the Internet refer to pornography every day 72 million people worldwide view pornographic websites every month 42 million websites have pornographic content (12% of all websites worldwide) 726 million porn films are played daily (3000 per second) 35% of all data traffic on the Internet is pornography

In Europe, the porn industry generates EUR 12.6 million a day, in the US it is USD 10-12 billion annually.

50% of 11 to 13 year olds come into contact with pornography on the Internet 60% of boys between the ages of 14 and 15 watch porn with friends 66% of male adolescents between the ages of 16 and 19 consume pornography every day to every week, every fifth boy watches porn every day. (Pastötter, Pryce, Drey, 2008).

The omnipresence of pornographic representations of willing women, which serve as sex objects for the male instinct, is a backward trend in our social development, which in the long term nullifies the achievements of emancipation. Pornography creates an emotional world inside the recipient that is as real to the brain as reality. Stimulated by the porn industry, we experience dehumanized brutalization and sexualization of children and adolescents worldwide.

Why is there no child protection on the Internet? The average age of the first consumer is 11 years. 40% of German children search for pornographic content on the Internet. Only 3% of the porn sites ask about the age of the users (

In 2013, the European Parliament, citing censorship, refused to ban porn on the Internet. The porn industry receives a free ticket to be able to reach as many users on the Internet as possible, which primarily include minors.

Freely available pornography damages the development of children into prosocial, lovable people and promotes sexual violence and the acceptance and increase in child pornography.

We can only stop this development together! Please spread and sign the petition to the European Parliament on the implementation of the youth protection regulations on the Internet. Thank you so much!

"The world is not threatened by people who are evil, but by those who allow evil." (Albert Einstein)

Further information on the effects of freely available pornography on our life, our future and our society can be found at:

Thanks for your support!

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  • pe 05.02.2021

    I don’t want children or siblings exposed to all this all over the internet it’s everywhere and it’s disgusting, can’t we live our lives normally without constantly being exposed to pornography all over socials ? BAN IT COMPLETLEY OFF THE INTERNET

  • pe 22.01.2021

    Porn is immoral, uncomfortable to many, disgusting & extremely harmful to society & our children!!! It destroys relationships, children & overall way of life! BAN IT NOW

  • Bristol

    pe 06.11.2020

    Protect my family, my people, my culture.

  • pe 04.09.2020

    En tant que catholique, je souhaite que tout ce qui est nocif à l’être humain soit interdit. Hélas, beaucoup n'ont pas conscience que les lois de Dieu assure le bonheur de l’être humain. S'en écarter s'est souffrir assurément.

  • Jörg Krönert Marienfeld

    pe 24.08.2020

    Weil wir uns dagegen wehren müssen

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