Citizens of the European Union expect EU decision making to be as open as possible. Following this thought, why do we not have a mandatory transparency register yet?

In order to make lobbying more transparent and to relieve the mistrust against professional lobbyists I call for an implementation of a mandatory registration of every lobby organisation.

Not only does this help serious, professional lobbyists to clear their image but also prevents shady lobbying strategies from interfering in European politics. A strong democracy like the European Union profits from a landscape of diverse interests and therefore has to provide sufficient mechanisms of transparency.


A mandatory transparency register is not harming lobbyists operating in a professional manner. In the EU lobbying is needed in order to provide expertise in certain fields.

Thus, everybody profits from a mandatory transparency register.

The reason for this petition is mainly that a voluntary registration of lobby groups is not enough regulation for a transparent and complex environment of interest representation within the European Union. It should be self-explanatory why we need a mandatory registration on European level.

Thank you for your support, Antonia Munz from Brussels
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