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The Swiss government recently proposed 3 federal judges to succeed the current swiss judge Helen Keller at ECHR. One of the three choices is a candidate named Andreas Zűnd. We kindly ask the Parlament to either suggest another candidate or erase this one from the list.

We ask the Parlament not to vote for Andreas Zünd at the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe in June 2020!

This judge would become the second individual from the Swiss Federal Supreme Court beside former clerk Alexander Misic.

We do not want such an high risk for corruption

Andreas Zünd was a member of a panel of judges of the Swiss federal supreme court judgment 2C_76/2017 the 01 May 2017. In this judgment in consideration 2.2.2 and 4.2.1 the Swiss federal supreme court falsified the grounds of appeal by ignoring cited judgments of the ECHR and distorting the facts of a family life according to Art. 8 ECHR between father and child out of wedlock "ipso iure" to a simple family life of father and child "eo ipso". It is very unlikely that this happend accidentally.

The judgment (in German): https://www.bger.ch/ext/eurospider/live/de/php/aza/http/index.php?lang=de&type=highlight_simple_query&page=1&from_date=&to_date=&sort=relevance&insertion_date=&top_subcollection_aza=all&query_words=2C_76%2F2017&rank=1&azaclir=aza&highlight_docid=aza%3A%2F%2F01-05-2017-2C_76-2017&number_of_ranks=5

This federal supreme court judgment 2C_76/2017 is the substance of an application to the ECHR and pending since 29th of July 2017. This judge would be the second individual from the Swiss federal supreme court beside former clerk Alexander Misic, known to the public from this video : https://www.facebook.com/104501067824607/posts/104506007824113/

Andreas Zünd: https://www.bger.ch/index/federal/federal-inherit-template/federal-richter/federal-richter-bundesrichter/federal-richter-bundesrichter-zuendandreas.htm

We do not want such an opportunity for corruption

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