By Ascanio Amenduni (Italian) bearing three signatures, on the lack of consistent measures by the Italian State to address the economic consequences of COVID-19 emergency 

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Dies ist eine Online-Petition of the European Parliament.


countering the economic consequences resulting from the COVID-19 emergency. The petitioner claims that the Italian government officially declared the public health emergency without subsequently declaring the state of economic emergency. In addition, the petitioner deplores the fact that the Italian State did not compensate for damages resulting from the measures adopted to address the health emergency, which significantly affected a series of fundamental freedoms, including the economic freedom. The petitioner recalls that the emergency measures adopted during the lock-down caused severe damage on the economic sector by depriving companies, professionals and citizens of their freedom to exercise economic activities. Finally, according to the petitioner, the Italian government never informed the Secretary General of the Council of Europe of the emergency measures, which were adopted to respond to the health emergency and which derogate from the States’ obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. For these reasons, the petitioner calls on the EU institutions to urge Italy to declare the state of economic emergency and to pay the necessary compensatory damages.

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