Block all online gaming entertainment services for Russian Federation and Belarus

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Russia and Belarus have started the war against the democratic nation of Ukraine!

Starting from the 24th of February, every day, each Ukrainian city is under heavy bombardment and shelling from Russian and Belorussian forces! Thousands of innocent civilian citizens of Ukraine are dying every day! The entire civilized world supports Ukraine and blocks Russian Federation in all areas. I believe that the entertainment area should not be an exception for them as well. Therefore, I urge all major online gaming services to block the provision of access to their services throughout the entire Russian Federation and Belarus! Many Russians do not even suspect that their state has unleashed a full-scale war against Ukraine. Let\'s make sure that every Russian and Belorussian citizen will know what\'s happening, and thus encourage them to turn to their government to stop the genocide of the Ukrainian people! They should not have fun while the Ukrainian people are dying from their bombs and shells every day!

The list of online gaming services that should be blocked for Russia and Belarus (may not be full, sorry if forgot someone):

  • Steam
  • Origin
  • EA Access
  • Epic Game Store
  • PlayStation Now
  • Xbox Live
  • Humble Bundle
  • Rockstar Games Launcher
  • Google Stadia and Google Play
  • App Store and Apple Arcade
  • GOG com
  • GeForce Now RU
  • Nintendo Switch Online
  • Ubisoft Uplay


Blocking the mentioned popular gaming services will attract the attention of millions and millions of citizens of Russia and Belarus who use them daily! This is important so that the people of Russia and Belarus are distracted from entertainment and pay attention to the atrocities and war crimes that the leadership of their countries is doing at this very moment in Ukraine! As a person who works in the gaming industry, I guarantee that many residents of Russia and Belarus cannot live without most of the services mentioned. Thus, we will attract additional attention from the society of these countries and force them to take some actions against their government in order to achieve peace and stop the bloodshed of innocent people in Ukraine.

Thank you for your support, Igor Skliarov from Kyiv
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Русский военный кораблю, ид нах~占~й

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