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Against any kind of asyl quota

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Text der Petition:

I want to stop the overall discussion about any kind of asyl quota.
The EU members should not be forced to accept refugees!
I order that the EiT invalidates the decision 2015/1601 regarding to the asyl quota! The cooperation of the many is the key of the success...just like in the game theory.
The European Union is a cooperation of the European countries with the goal of defending interests of the member states, European stability in property and security.

Europe is week, not coherent enough and it is the second smallest continent but it has a terrific war history. This bloody history is based on the collision of different religions, cultures, interests,... shortly because people with different background could not live together, next to each other.
The EU is the first real initiative to unify the European population to work together more effectively for the common future than before. But first it has to become strong internally.
If this weak union tries to solve all the problems of the World it collapses surely, and very soon.
It cannot be a solution that the EU accepts millions of refugees with completely different background. There is not a single case in the whole European history which did not ended in real conflicts because of reassign of borders and mixing of cultures. All this problems should be kept and handled outside!
Europe should not accept and serve any refugees in the member countries, but ALL of the refugees should be placed and helped out OUTER Europe. This is the biggest help for the foreigners also not to become addicted by European relief and it would be the safest solution for Europe too.

The most important and the only question is how to keep the refugees outside from the EU and not how to distribute them between the countries. This is completely nonsense, a very narrow-minded thinking and it has to be stopped immediately.

The rules of the Life on Earth and surviving are simple. The Strong always dictates and survives.
You have to be selfish enough to be able to survive and smart enough to understand, you can help others only if you can help first yourself. And you have to understand, that Europe have much wounds to be cured. But the cure is not the self destruction.
Help Europe first to be able to change the rest of the World!

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