Protect children from freely available pornography on the Internet

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    Sempervideo, human rights to privacy (because many p**n pages also contain malware s**t)

Just like sempervideo's statements against p**n. Unfortunately, at least until now, the internet is for p**n. Just NOT PLACE this to Youtube already. Youtube is much more childfriendlyness-orientated, with an exception made to elitist groups of Hollywood and consorts in the media that pledge for child abuse of course. Shitty business already, came from the deep web and dark web to the public transparent internet. Only !@#$! is happening there, DO NO LONGER AIM TO USE THIS! Strict children's hate elitists there to begin with. THERE IS NO PLANET B LEFT FOR OUR CHILDREN'S ONLINE SAFETY & SECURITY!

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    Sempervideo, human rights to privacy (because many p**n pages also contain malware s**t)

NO CP F**K mentioned, although flourishing on the deep web and the dark web from like 2015 onwards. Please eliminate access to it more and more, please. Because of this, the deep web and the dark web are known to be deeply corrupted as hell now. Sempervideo IT SECURITY CLEARANCE. NOBODY IS BEATING SEMPER IN TERMS OF CHILD SAFETY.

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