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European nature is under great pressure. Over 80% of habitats are in poor condition. One in ten types of bees and butterflies is threatened by extinction. The European Commission aims to revert this trend through its proposal for a European nature restoration law. Unfortunately, both the Dutch minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and a majority of the Dutch House of Representatives have recently turned against the proposed non-deterioration requirement included in the law, which would oblige member states to prevent further worsening of nature quality.

Those signing this petition call on the Dutch House of Representatives and the government to change its position on the European nature restoration law. We ask Dutch politicans to plea in favour of a strong law, which will oblige member states to counter nature deterioration and to restore ecosystems. From agricultural lands and seas, to forests and urban environments.


European nature is under great pressure. Sign this petition and call on politicians to support nature!

Thank you for your support, Jeroen Candel from WAGENINGEN
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