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End Lockdown In Ireland Fully NOW

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Neue Begründung: To prolong this experiment, the government needs to have strong evidence to back its decision.
As of the beginning of May: Sweden, who did not detain its citizens, has a death rate of 264 per million while Ireland has 260 deaths per million. Japan, who is also not in lock down, has 5 deaths per million [17].
If the government has evidence to back its decision, it needs to share it with the public.
Many experts worldwide are questioning the panic and governmental reactions of locking up their countrymen. See summarised statements from 30 such worldwide experts openly questioning the lockdown measures [18][19][20].
**Flattening The Curve**
The original reason given for the lockdown measures was to ‘flatten the curve’. This was to ensure that our already struggling Health Care System was not overwhelmed.
The Irish people complied. However, official statistics published by the government now show that the Health Care System was at no point overwhelmed. According to the latest Daily Operations Update by the HSE at no stage have confirmed COVID-19 cases in critical care beds exceeded 160 and numbers have been declining since the 10th of April. As of the 10/05, only 72 of the 257 critical care beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients. [21]
The government has taken over private hospitals at an expense to the taxpayer of €115 million a month, yet these hospitals are operating at only 33% capacity [22]. The fall out from this is that private consultants are no longer able to see their patients and many are referring to the “tsunami” of deaths and health repercussions that are imminent.
Has the government carried out an impact assessment on these actions?
**Treatment Versus Vaccines**
We have concerns about the government’s repeated emphasis on the need for a vaccine. The government has just contributed millions of the taxpayers money on the development of experimental vaccines which are being rushed to market. The manufacturers of these vaccines are looking for indemnity, in other words, they cannot be sued if a person suffers an adverse reaction which can include death and lifelong health conditions.
We oppose any moves by the government to mandate these vaccines or to make them a condition of return to normal life.
According to Dr. Marcus de Brun, *herd immunity* is not the enemy, it is a natural and inevitable part of the process [23]. Once some 60-70% of a population have been infected and recover, existing infections are unlikely to spread within that population. Professor Knut Wittkowski says that “Earlier containment of low-risk people merely prolongs the time the virus needs to circulate until the incidence is high enough to initiate *herd immunity*” and that *herd immunity* is what ends infectious diseases. [24] Professor Raoult, the number one global expert on communicable disease, says that quarantine is not the solution and that it is a very treatable illness [25].
[22] [23]]

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