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End Lockdown In Ireland Fully NOW

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Leo Varadkar
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What are arguments in favour of the petition?

The contra argument is based on a number of false assumptions: - That lockdown measures save lives (they demonstrably do not in all research done) - That lockdown does not cause a loss of life (it demonstrably does ) - The measures where based on a false premise and thoroughly debunked computer modelling presenting the virus as a deadly threat when its IFR is roughly equivalent to a moderate flu season (confirmed by Oxford University) As such lifting lockdown will not only save a significant amount of lives but also help reduce some of the enormous collateral damage it has caused.

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What are arguments against the petition?


This would result in the loss of tens of thousands of lives unnecessarily, and it only serves to benefit the self centered, petty social and fiscal desires of a tiny minority of the populaton, who are the only ones calling for it.

Source: Common sense, decency and the advice of credible health experts.
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