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New petition description: We call on the government to end the enforced restrictions and lock down of the people of Ireland without any conditions.
**Protecting Our Vulnerable Citizens**
We Is something we fully support the cocooning of vulnerable people should they so wish. We fully support wish, along with the advice that anyone who displays any cold like symptoms stays at home until symptoms have abated.
**Constitutional Rights**
We do not consent to the government’s removal of our constitutional rights including the right to privacy, freedom to associate, travel, assemble in public, interact socially, earn a living and freedom from arbitrary detention.
**World Health Organisation (WHO)**
The government’s actions have been based on the pronouncements of an unelected health authority, the WHO WHO, and a computer model by the Royal Imperial College London that was never peer reviewed and was later found to have greatly overestimated the mortality rate.
The WHO is and The Royal Imperial College are not an independent authority authorities solely backed by nations. It has many They are funded by private corporations contributing to it including and individuals, many with pharmaceutical ties such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI Alliance, Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi- Aventis, Hoffman-La Roche, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Novartis, Baxter International Inc., Bayer AG, Rockefeller Foundation, Wellcome Trust, Merck & Co., Inc., International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) [1].
The Royal Imperial College is not an independent source as it also receives financing from private individuals.
**Actual Mortality Rate Of COVID-19**
As a nation, we have done as requested to mitigate the impact of the novel virus COVID-19 on our already beleaguered health system. The evidence no longer supports the crashing of our economy with the entailed loss of jobs nor the isolation, desolation and destruction of our societal structure.
There is no evidence to support the theory that this virus is airborne within the community; therefore, social distancing makes little to no difference to its spread. Washing hands, covering mouths or noses when coughing or sneezing and cleaning surfaces is sufficient.
All emerging evidence points to this virus having a similar mortality rate to seasonal influenza viruses. The recent Stanford University antibody study puts the fatality of those infected at 0.1-0.2% [2], which is 20-30 times lower than the WHO. Never before have individual’s Individual’s constitutional rights have been removed on the basis of a hypothesis without proof. We have had other Similar novel viruses in the past (H1N1) for which this was have not done.
Examples of the mortality
warranted this.
rate of COVID-19 being is similar to seasonal influenza: influenza. As of 5 May 2020 those reported to have died of 05/05/2020: Italy reports COVID-19 in Italy was deaths as 29,079 [3] very similar to flu deaths reported during the 2016/2017 flu season for influenza which were of 24,981 [4]. Similarly, in [4]; the UK between December 2014 and March 2015 reports 44,000 [5] died and as of 5 May 2020 flu deaths for 2014/2015 compared to 28,734 deaths being attributed currently to COVID-19 were 28,734 [6].
**Trauma Caused By Social Isolation**
The death of a loved one is traumatic at any time. It is even more so now as they die alone, terrified and without the comfort of loved ones, even if they do not have COVID-19. Does the data support these extreme measures?
Mothers of premature babies and those requiring intensive care are being limited to 15 minutes with their baby at a time when it is crucial to create a bond, have skin to skin contact and to breastfeed.
**Cause Of Death**
By changing the way in which deaths are recorded
Death Reporting**
Has changed so
we now no longer have true data with which to work. Deaths are being declared as COVID-19 without laboratory confirmation. The leading cause of death is being recorded as COVID-19 for those that had life threatening previous illness and were susceptible to die of many opportunistic infections. Previously the underlying health condition would have been reported, why Why the change [7]?
The above means that the number of deaths is exaggerated for COVID-19. Even with these inflated numbers the overall rate may be lower than historical records for this time of year, according to European mortality monitoring activity [8].
**The Fear Factor**
Fear is Is being used reprehensibly by the government and mainstream media to control the people of Ireland. For example, Italy is being used as a terror story to justify the removal of constitutional rights. It is not being reported that in Italy 99% of those who died had an underlying health condition [9], that was known [9] and that the average age of the deceased is over 80 years [10].
This is also true for Ireland. As of 5th of May 05/05 there have been 1339 deaths of which deaths, 86% had known underlying health conditions. The conditions and the mean age of the deceased is was 82 years [11] [12] .
Why do the government and media not report the number of recoveries both here in Ireland and worldwide? Currently (05/05) 1,203,850 have recovered worldwide as compared to 252,675 deaths out of a population of 7 billion.
Co-factors must be considered. Dr Marcus de Brun points out that one significant differing cofactor between the UK and Ireland is that the UK has 12 million residents over the age of 65 while Ireland has 675 thousand [13].
Since only the sick are being tested, we do not know how many have already had the virus and were asymptomatic. This means that the rate of morbidity (death rate) is artificially high as it is calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the number infected (which could be an unknown under-estimate) [14][15]. Fear is being driven by the reporting in the media of children dying of COVID-19. Media reports are misleading in that many have serious preconditions, e.g. leukaemia, Kawasaki disease, sometimes undiagnosed and some deaths are being misrepresented [16].
**What Is The Rationale For Lockdown?**
Quarantining healthy people is experimental. Historically only those who were sick were quarantined.

Neue Begründung: Why are the government and media not reporting the number of recoveries both here in Ireland and worldwide? Currently (05/05/2020) 1,203,850 have recovered worldwide as compared to 252,675 deaths out of a population of 7 billion.
In another example of comparing apples with pears, the UK figures are used. Dr Marcus de Brun points out that one of the differing cofactors between the UK and Ireland is that the UK has 12 million residents over the age of 65 while Ireland has only 675 thousand over 65 [13].
**What Is The Rational For Lockdown?**
Quarantining healthy people is experimental. Previously in history only those who were sick were quarantined.
To prolong this experiment, the government needs to have strong evidence to back its decision.
As of the beginning of May: Sweden, who did not detain its citizens, have has a death rate of 264 per million while Ireland has 260 deaths per million. Japan, who is also not in lock down, has 5 deaths per million [17].
If the government has evidence to back its decision, it needs to share it with the public.
Many experts worldwide are questioning the panic and governmental reactions of locking up their countrymen:
* Here are twelve
countrymen. See summarised statements from 30 such experts: Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr Joel Kettner, Dr John Ioannidis, Dr Yoram Lass, Dr Pietro Vernazza, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, Prof. Hendrik Streeck, Dr Yanis Roussel et al., Dr David Katz, Michael T. Osterholm and Dr Peter Goetzsche [18]
* Another ten experts: Dr Sunetra Gupta et al., Dr Karin Mölling, Dr Anders Tegnell, Dr Pablo Goldschmidt, Dr Eran Bendavid, Dr Jay Bhattacharya, Dr Tom Jefferson, Dr Michael Levitt, German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine and Dr Richard Schabas [19]
* Yet eight more: Dr John Lee, Dr John Oxford, Prof Knut Wittkowski, Dr Klaus Püschel, Dr Alexander Kekulé, Dr Claus Köhnlein, Dr Gérard Krause and Dr Gerd Gigerenze [20]
worldwide experts openly questioning the lockdown measures [18][19][20].
**Flattening The Curve**
The original reason given for the lockdown measures was to ‘flatten the curve’. This was to ensure that our hospitals did not have more patients than they could cope with and those patients could be looked after correctly.
The Irish people did as asked, as all knew the dire situation that the Irish
already struggling Health Care System was in. Looking at not overwhelmed.
The Irish people complied. However,
official statistics published by the government we can see now show that the Health Care System was at no point overwhelmed, in fact, according overwhelmed. According to the latest Daily Operations Update by the HSE 154 critical care beds remain unoccupied. The report also states that the number of at no stage have confirmed COVID-19 cases in critical care beds has never exceeded 160 and is on the decline numbers have been declining since the 10th of April. On As of the 7th 10/05, only 72 of May only 76 the 257 critical care beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients. [21]
The government has taken over private hospitals at an expense to the taxpayer of €115 million a month, yet these hospitals are operating at only 33% capacity [22].
[22]. The fall out from this is that private consultants are no longer able to see their patients and many are referring to the “tsunami” of deaths and health repercussions that are imminent.
Has the government carried out an impact assessment on these actions?
Where is the analysis to show what the real capacity of the hospitals is now and how many potential vulnerable people there are, given the number that have already contracted the virus?
**Treatment Versus Vaccines**
We have concerns about the government’s repeated emphasis on the need for a vaccine. The government has just contributed millions of the taxpayers money on the development of experimental vaccines which are being rushed to market. The manufacturers of these vaccines are looking for indemnity, in other words, they cannot be sued if a person suffers an adverse reaction which can include death and lifelong health conditions.
We oppose any moves by the government to mandate these vaccines or to make them a condition of return to normal life.
According to Dr. Marcus de Brun, *herd immunity* is not the enemy, it is a natural and inevitable part of the process [23]. Once some 60-70% of a population have been infected and recover, existing infections are unlikely to spread within that population. Professor Knut Wittkowski says that “Earlier containment of low-risk people merely prolongs the time the virus needs to circulate until the incidence is high enough to initiate *herd immunity*” and that *herd immunity* is what ends infectious diseases. [24] Professor Raoult, the number one global expert on communicable disease, says that quarantine is not the solution and that it is a very treatable illness [25].
*For full references visit:*
2 Bendavid, E et al., (2020) ‘COVID19 antibody seroprevalence in Santa Clara County, California’, Stanford University

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