Safeguarding Paros' Public Beaches: Addressing Violations and Ensuring Citizens' Rights

Petition is directed to
Municipality of Paros, Cyclades Land Service, Public Prosecutor of Syros, Aegean Appeals Prosecutor's Office, Paros Port Authority, Paros Police, Paros Urban Planning office
2,700 supporters
Collection finished
2,700 supporters
Collection finished
  1. Launched July 2023
  2. Collection finished
  3. Submission on the 31 Oct 2023
  4. Dialog with recipient
  5. Decision

08/10/2023, 16:30 GMT+2

Hello everyone,
Thank you all for signing our petition and sharing it with your friends. We will submit the document with your signatures to the City Council today, Thursday, August 10th, at 8:00 PM in a celebratory atmosphere.
If you are on the island, please join us to witness and support our cause.
We suspect that the City has not been attentive to our concerns for some time now. We welcome your participation.
Respectfully, Citizens' Movement of Paros.

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