#2 Spread the petition


At the same time as you click on “Start Petition”, a few more things should happen, because: The first day counts! They have created an online petition and so it makes sense to also attract supporters online. For this purpose, openPetition provides you with various functions. At the bottom of the petition page you will find the following options:

Emails and messengers: Email your petition to all your contacts. In recent years, many more people have signed a petition on openPetition through a personal email than any other way. Messengers such as Whatsapp or Telegram, which many people use with their smartphones, should not be neglected. Create a group with your contacts and their contacts and send out the link to the petition. Student Dario's petition reached 45,000 people via WhatsApp - in just 48 hours!

Social media: Facebook, X and Instagram are essential for reaching many people. You can regularly share photos and news with your friends using your own Facebook account. Also ask them to share and forward your message. Press articles on the topic or your petition are ideal as a hook for a contribution. Newspapers often post links to individual articles that you can repost and add to in your own words. Holidays that are thematically related to your petition or draft laws are also suitable for a post. You can also ask organizations and associations whether they will share your petition on their websites. There are groups on almost every topic, especially on Facebook. Use this and publish your petition there. Always use the same #hashtag for your posts and tag or tag involved actors.

Very important: The link to the petition should always be included in all posts! There is a short link on every petition page, use that!

Let us know what campaigns you are planning on social media and send us your photos and videos, then we can support you and give you feedback. You can always tag us on Facebook, Instagram and X. To do this, write @ openPetition in the post and select our profile: @openPetition on Facebook, @openpetition.de on Instagram und @openPetition on X. Then we get to know everything and can share the post via our channel if necessary.

Widget and banner: You have the option of integrating a widget on your website or that of a friend. The widget allows supporters to sign directly on the website without having to go to www.openpetition.eu first. This way you can collect signatures decentrally. Another option is to include a banner directly on your website that redirects signatories directly to the petition page. Both widget and banner can be found at the bottom of the petition page " Tools for spreading the petition ".

Spread petition offline

Offline signatures: This is a special feature of openPetition , because here you have the opportunity to collect signatures online and offline. This way you can reach more than just internet-savvy people. On the petition page you can download signature forms, print them out and upload them again later. If you have any questions, please feel free to read here .

Demolition slip: You can also download these handouts with the petition link from the petition page, print them out and distribute them to friends or display them at events. This will make your petition even better known!

Local press: You can promote petitions, especially at the local level, and reach potential supporters by placing advertisements in the local press.

If the petition increases significantly in the first few days, you can generate a lot of attention and carry the momentum into the hot phase of the collection period.

Supported by openPetition: We are here to help you with all of these steps. It is important that you keep us updated. If we notice that you are strongly committed, then we will also be committed to you. For example, if we learn of a planned handover, we can advise you and, if necessary, draw your attention to it via our channels.

This is the starting signal, but what happens next? Help shape your roadmap to success Videos, images and offline actions .

Help us to strengthen citizen participation. We want to support your petition to get the attention it deserves while remaining an independent platform.

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