Ban on Russian war symbols Z, V and St George's Ribbon in Republic of Cyprus

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Propose to BAN on any displaying and promotion of Russian invasion symbols in Ukraine - Z-letter, V-letter and George’s ribbon in the public places and public events in the territory of Republic of Cyprus. Anyone, who found guilty, should bear a legal responsibility in the form of fine.


On the 24 of February 2022, Russian Federation invaded to the territory of independent and sovereign state of Ukraine. Since that time the whole civilized world is watching with shock and horror for the Russian troops military crimes:

⁃ Strikes on maternity hospital and Drama Theater in Mariupol - where a lot of children were hiding from Russian missiles

 ⁃ Massacre in Bucha - citizens were found shot just on the streets, with tied hands and bags on their heads. To hide a crimes, Russians berried the bodies of their victims in the mass graves.

 ⁃ Kramatorsk - the missile sent by Russians hit the railroad station in Kramatorsk while it was full of civilians waiting for the evacuation train

 ⁃ 9 floors administrative building in Mykolaiv destroyed by cruise missile

 ⁃ Irpin, Borodyanka, Chernihiv, Kharkiv - ruined dramatically

Russian troops rape, torture and kill hundreds of civilian Ukrainians. They rob and destroy Ukrainian cities. 

As of today, near 6000 cases of documented war crimes were registered.

While doing these, Z-letter, V-letter and George’s ribbon are placed on their military equipment and uniform.

As of today, 42 countries have already applied to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, to investigate of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

For all civilized world, the demonstration of Z-letter, V-letter and George’s ribbon became a symbol of violence, war crimes, genocide and lies. To demonstrate them means to support the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, to express of enthusiastic support of Russian totalitarianism and Putin crime regime.

Republic of Cyprus is a democratic country, a home for many nations, always share the principles and values of pease and humanity. Permission to demonstrate and use Russian invasion symbols - Z-letter, V-letter and George’s ribbon in the public places and public events in the territory of Republic of Cyprus discredits those values.

Thank you for your support, Olga Leusenko from Limassol
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on 10 May 2022

Cruel russian war against Ukraine using these symbols. It’s disgusting for Ukrainians and people of other nationalities living n Cyprus to see the russists’ symbols.

on 10 May 2022

Бо символіка не сеарессію, під символами V Z вбивають ращисти Українців,

on 10 May 2022

Because now we should stay with Ukraine and stop this war. This symbols are about this war, it used by people who support killing of Ukrainian people.We can stop it together.

on 09 May 2022

I am a Russian citizen living in Cyprus. This symbolism disgraces me and my country. I want nothing to do with the criminal actions of the Russian state. I also have great sympathy for Ukrainians who suffer from Russian aggression. This symbolism offends me.

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