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11,257 supporters 9,691 in Vienna
1938% from 500 for quorum
11,257 supporters 9,691 in Vienna
1938% from 500 for quorum
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The campaign WESTBAHNPARK asks politicians and authorities involved in city planning to make the following project happen in Vienna's 15th District along Felberstraße near Vienna West Station: This unique and important area should become a public green space in the form of a linear park for everybody. Measuring 70.000 m2, we invision it stretching from Vienna West Station to Johnstraße and from Felberstraße all the way to the rail tracks with a passage towards the city and view to Vienna Woods. An urban space that is 1.2 kilometres long, climate friendly, socially benificial and which includes the world's longest swim lane.


Time has come for a new park in the midst of this dense city! More and more development projects and less green spaces lead to extreme conditions and an unhealthy environment to live in. Especially in districts like Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus which is extremely densley populated, has little open spaces and low average income. Climate friendly city planning is vital. This is why we call for a new park to be built at the last remaining available strip of land along Felberstraße.

Thank you for your support, Westbahnpark from Wien
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  • Dear petition signatories,
    Dear Westbahnpark’ers!

    The time has come!
    We have been collecting since 2020 - 10,755 (and growing) committed supporters have since spoken out with their signatures calling for a linear park, an open landscape for everyone, a 1.2 km long, climate-friendly, socially acceptable urban space. Now, we are handing over this voting power to the city - so that the penny drops there too. We invite you all to the presentation of the results of the public participation on the Westbahn-site.

    The more than 3000 comments and many signatures are unanimous:
    100% want the Westbahnpark!
    0% want development on the site!

    Come to the performative press conference on Thursday, January 18, 2024, at 3.30 pm at JO&JOE (Europaplatz... further

  • Liebe Unterstützende!
    Danke an alle für die tolle Unterstützung, den großen Zuspruch und das viele Lob!
    Nach den großen Erfolgen dieses Jahres - die 10.000 Unterschriften geknackt, den Park eröffnet - wollten wir der Stadt bei der Präsentation des vorläufigen Entwicklungsplans ein großes Paket überreichen. Aber die Stadt ist noch nicht so weit. Daher werden wir weiter sammeln und noch mehr werden! Wir haben nämlich Zeit und Lust uns weiter für den WESTBAHNPARK zu engagieren.
    Wir sind außerdem noch viel stärker geworden: In der Plattform "Wir machen Wien" haben wir uns mit 22 anderen Initiativen vernetzt, die das Anliegen teilen, eine zukunftsfähige Stadt zu kreieren, in der es sich gut leben lässt und die den Klimawandel über sinnvolle,... further

  • It was really dreamlike! The Westbahnpark got inaugurated with kettledrums and trumpets, guitar and electronic sound, with a big demonstration, vivid politics and a live concert. Mayor Michael Ludwig, City Councillor for Planning Ulrike Sima and City Councillor for the Environment Jürgen Czernohorszky surprised the enthusiastic crowd and cut the red ribbon!
    It's almost too good to be true!
    More in our website ( or social media (

    On top of that: we also cracked the 10,000! 🎉
    The petition now has over 10,000 signatures supporting the Volkspark West! Better than any dream!
    We make the Westbahnpark ours! Jetzt!

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That area is currently just an empty, hideous space that could become a really beautiful park! Vienna is a great city that needs more greenery and parks to cool it down instead of more apartments and concrete next to the rail tracks.

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