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11,530 supporters 9,920 in Vienna
1984% from 500 for quorum
11,530 supporters 9,920 in Vienna
1984% from 500 for quorum
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01/17/2024, 14:57

Dear petition signatories,
Dear Westbahnpark’ers!

The time has come!
We have been collecting since 2020 - 10,755 (and growing) committed supporters have since spoken out with their signatures calling for a linear park, an open landscape for everyone, a 1.2 km long, climate-friendly, socially acceptable urban space. Now, we are handing over this voting power to the city - so that the penny drops there too. We invite you all to the presentation of the results of the public participation on the Westbahn-site.

The more than 3000 comments and many signatures are unanimous:
100% want the Westbahnpark!
0% want development on the site!

Come to the performative press conference on Thursday, January 18, 2024, at 3.30 pm at JO&JOE (Europaplatz 1/6, 1150 Vienna, access by elevator from Europaplatz, U-exit Gerstnerstraße) or join us live via our Instagram channel @westbahnpark!

Accompany us in large numbers and together we hand over the votes for the Westbahnpark to the City government.

Let's press the button! 💌

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