Initiative for affordable and sustainable housing on the site of the Josy Barthel stadium

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The development of the new construction areasite at the site of the stadium on the “Route d’Arlon” offers the City of Luxembourg the opportunity to create, in consultation with us citizens, a new district where it is good to live, work and play. There are many international examples of the benefits and even the need for citizen participation in order to reap the benefits of socially and ecologically sustainable urban development (such as in Zurich, the initiative: "Mehr als Wohnen”/ “more than dwelling" in Tübingen, the building communities: "planen - bauen - leben"/ “plan - build – live” in Hamburg, the "Initiative Esso Häuser" / “Esso Houses Initiative”.

It is the City of Luxembourg's responsibility to contribute to an affordable housing offer; therefore, it must act itself as the project builder, rather than delegate this task to real estate developers.

Demands for a planning process that is close to citizens

  • Transparency: We ask the City of Luxembourg to bring the planning process to the attention of the citizens, and to communicate openly on the aims and process of the development of this urban district.

  • Citizen participation: We ask the City of Luxembourg to formally involve citizens in the decision-making process regarding the development of the neighbourhood from the outset.

Demands concerning the construction of the district:

  • Creation of a lively, multi-social and green urban district, suitable for housing and living, for recreation, for pedestrian traffic and encounters between inhabitants, and equipped with a neighbourhood centre.
  • Consideration of contemporary urban planning concepts that place the human person at the heart of all planning.
  • Use of new forms of construction and housing such as construction cooperatives, multi-generational houses and flat-sharing communities
  • Social and ecological sustainability
  • Provision of housing opportunities adapted to the needs of all segments of the population with a prevalence of communal rental housing as well as leasehold of condominiums (the land remaining the property of the City of Luxembourg).
  • Priority to soft mobility over car traffic, with good connection to the public transport network.
  • Creating an environment where children can move and develop freely
  • Connection to the neighbouring districts of Belair, Rollingergrund and Strassen by means of well designed, safe and comfortable pedestrian and cycle paths.


We, the founders of this citizens' initiative, are convinced that a sensible and rewarding urban development within the City of Luxembourg will only be possible in the long term if the citizens are involved early, deliberately and formally.

The redesign of the area on the “Route d’Arlon” offers the great opportunity to create, in a joint effort, a new district where people of different generations and social backgrounds can house, live, and work.

Thank you for your support, Biergerinitiativ Areler Strooss from Luxemburg
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