Argumentos a favor de la petición

All entertainment industry is effected by this (like any field of course) crisis. Many people earn money only from gigs. Public events, weddings, theaters, birthday parties, concerts, background music in restaurants etc. All of these has been canceled. No income! I already know families who are out of savings. They can't pay rent anymore! Situation is very sad for many people working in this field. I hope for support personally too! Stay healthy everyone!

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I am 100% supporter of European unity to support culture and creativity. But I am not likely to connect any of these things to be financially managed by any higher office.

Definitely supporting the importance of culture and arts but I would like to add that freelancers and small business should be named especially in this apart employees of institutions etc.

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I do strongly support the idea that "Culture is the backbone of our European society." and this is the idea behind why I freely chose EU as my chosen home continet. In the times of crisis, priorities change and peoples focus shift toward essential survival needs. creative sector, artists and auteurs are the first group that suffer. And unlike other sectors like maybe transport or food industry etc. their absence and the consequent of their absence will not be sensed and understood in short term but we will suffer from it in the long run.

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of course - no doubt - a great idea! - I will sign it - and then? I am already looking forward to be sent to my next psychologist by my next teacher or my next officer in action or by my next collegue in a music group - I mean help me man! I am sick! You know me! Look at me and smile and tell me: How could you stay alive without drugs? What is a world without a cool beer? So let me sign: "OK, yes, artists and creativ people need help. But I am different. I am sick, mentally ill, I abuse drugs and need medical treatment due to some difficulties." Thank you so much - you are all my best friends.

in the open petition it is not mentioned what is exactly meant by " an adequately funded package ", but I think a moderate possibility is a plan that allows artist shift their focus partly to the current needs of the society and serve the society on what is more needed in the time of crisis and partly stay producing their art. This could be possible by investing on a diverse shortterm education plan designed to learn the new skills needed to serve the new needs of the society in the time of crisis! but also providing new possibilities that people could enjoy their art.

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Argumentos en contra de la petición

    recording industry lobby

How about the big record labels give some money to the actual creators and artists? All the "tax packages" will have impact on the record labels more than on the actual artists and their support staff (concert technicians, roadies, ets). I might consider supporting particular artists individually, and some of them have already stated that the money they earn from selling their stuff now will be distributed to their crews, which is a nice gesture. The EU regulations should not be focused on single category like this, but should cover all who are out of jobs (masseurs, small shops, services,etc)

I don't think it's appropriate to single out a single group to support, a lot of people are suffering. All who need help deserve support. Hub Abresch.


I cannot support such a petition while authors are screaming that during the confinement that they will not give up their royalties by allowing readers to gain access to their books. I am an author and have not received a royal statement from Rutledge since my last book was published. 85% of these royalties go to the publisher! Stop blocking access to confined readers and I will sign your petition!

Fuente: Geoffrey Rothwell
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How about suspending royalties for the big guns like lets say "I can't get no satisfaction" or "love me do" etc. etc. etc. etc. and give this to the small acts, theaters, workers etc. I call this solidarity.

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What on earth is special about "culture workers"? Ah, OK, nobody seems to need them, want them, be willing to feed them - and that is fairly independent of "corona". Just get a JOB and don't leech on taxpayer's money!

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With all due respect and admiration for culture and its workers - why should there be a privileged category under a unique umbrella? Who supports the coffee shop owner? The barber? Almost any freelancer whose work can not be done at home?

You people are absolutely nuts! Millions of working people are losing jobs and you're concerned about sustainable subsidies and diversity for culture creators. Absolutely nuts!!

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Perhaps only 10% of what is presented as culture is worth being called culture. I suggest something else - on the fields the farmers are missing a lot of work force. What about working there? Minimum support should be given to all that need it.

    investments in art should be fully deductable from income tax.

Build up pressure on the governments to allow private and institutional investors deducting investments in art (film, theatre, music, lyrics, etc.) from income tax. Enable investments in art productions, save the money spent on subsidies.

Fuente: H. Berg, Bergmedia, Vienna Austria
    No handouts for "creatives"

We have much more important problems than this. If the "creative" prople run out of money, they can always do some temp-work on a farm. That would be much more productive than whining and asking for handouts.

The Covid-19 panic and - above all - the illegal measures against us must be stopped. We all suffer because of this corona lie. Give us back our freedom.

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    Universal income

I think this is an opportunity to push for deep structural reforms that support not just artists but other vulnerable social actors. “Universal income” seems a very promising and well thought measure.

Fuente: (Basic reference, many studies and cases)
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Only if I had a clearer understanding of European taxes and accounting (bookkeeping) could I support the initiative. But as things are right now... I don't think so.

Ayuda a fortalecer la participación ciudadana. Queremos que sus inquietudes se escuchen sin dejar de ser independientes.

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