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Animal rights

Say YES to Castration of Strays on Chios

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Mr. G. Christakis, deputy mayor
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183 supporters
37% achieved 500 for collection target
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On Chios many cats and dogs live on the streets. They face hunger, poisoning, abuse, traffic accidents, heat, thirst, cold and health issues. Every year every dog and cat can have multiple pregnancies, giving birth to an average of 4 kittens or puppies but 10 to 15 are no exceptions. Vets are willing to voluntarily castrate strays in Chios at regular intervals to end this suffering.


Currently the municipality of Chios is assessing a proposal for a first castration action of strays in June 2024. It is important for them to know that a large group of international people care about the way stray animals are treated in Chios and are in favour of this neutering action.

Thank you for your support, Chantal Scheiberlich from Vlissingen
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The are not enough resources for us as humans these days- we certainly don't have the resources for so many stray animals that also have a need for so much. Let's prevent any further damage by not stepping in; dogs will not disappear.

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