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    Om 04-09-2016 18:44 uur

    added: Steunpunt GGZ Utrecht

    Neue Begründung: The law proposals Compulsory mental health care, Care and Coercion and Forensic Care are about rough treatment of vulnerable people, and link freedom to health status. This is in violation of human rights.
    The recently ratified UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities prohibits forced treatment, which makes the proposed coercive laws impracticable.
    Insights into care have changed. Coercion has no positive effect on well-being or safety. On contrary , coercion is traumatizing and inhumane. Through this, the risk of problems, struggles and escalations only increases. Coercion is not care, but it is social exclusion and a false sense of security.
    What is needed is real care, in all situations, without exception.
    This is possible, but has not been realized in practice. The care seriously fails, with human rights violations as a result. This must stop immediately.
    Good care prevents problems, escalations and coercion, and contributes to the overall health and hence security in society. This is important for everyone.
    The degree of civilization is found in the treatment of vulnerable people.
    The coercive laws Compulsory mental health care, Care and Coercion and Forensic Care must be stopped.
    The discussion should not be about coercion, but about organizing care.
    Lawmakers: organize care instead of coercion!
    This petition is supported by
    Foundation Mind Rights
    Rights, Foundation Perceval
    Perceval, Association Inclusion Netherlands.
    Netherlands, Foundation Psychiatry and Philosophy
    Philosophy, Foundation HerstelTalent
    HerstelTalent, Foundation IPC and INCA projectbureau Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, and Steunpunt GGZ Utrecht.
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