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Promote Inclusivity: Say NO to the Abaya ban in French Schools

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The Abaya ban has its legal foundation in a law passed in 2004 forbidding the wear of "conspicuous" religious symbols in French schools. In 2004, France banned headscarves in schools and passed a ban on full face veil in 2010. In 2023, just a week before schools reopened the French government announced that the abaya, a long, flowing dress worn by some Muslim women, would no longer be allowed because it violated the French principle of Secularism. As such, this petition is petitioning the French government to repeal the ban on the Abaya in Schools across the country. The Abaya is not just a piece a clothing but a symbol of religious identity ,cultural heritage, and personal freedom.

In addition to that, the ban on the Abaya within educational institutions undermines the principles of religious freedom and diversity that France say it upholds. Moreover, this ban restricts the ability of Muslim students to freely practice their religion and express their cultural identity in a fundamental way. As a result, this prohibition creates hostile environment for Muslim students marginalizing and excluding them from the rest of society and sending a strong message to these students that their beliefs and traditions are not welcome in the public sphere.

The request is simple: We ask the French government to respect the rights of individuals as stated in the charter of the declaration of human rights and to let individuals to choose their attires based on their religious beliefs and cultural practices. Lifting this ban can create a more inclusive environment for student of all backgrounds to feel valued and respected.

I believe that allowing students to wear the Abaya is not only a matter of religious freedom but also a step towards promoting understanding, tolerance, and diversity in French society. We urge the government to take this opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to equality and uphold the principles of liberty and fraternity for all.

Join us in this important cause to advocate for the repeal of the Abaya ban in French schools. Together, we can work towards a more harmonious and inclusive society where everyone's rights and identities are honored and protected.


The petition to repeal the Abaya ban in France is of high importance and crucial in the safeguarding of the fundamental rights of Muslim students, allowing them to freely express their beliefs and practices like any other students within their institutions. This repeal also fosters inclusivity and diversity, recognizing and respecting the varied cultural and religious backgrounds within French society. By combating the discrimination and stigmatization caused by the ban, it creates a more welcoming and accepting educational environment for all. Moreover, it ensures educational equality by removing discriminatory dress codes and upholds France's democratic principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Repealing the Abaya ban not only builds a more tolerant society where different religious and cultural traditions are honored but also reaffirms France's commitment to equality and the protection of individual rights.

Thank you for your support, Abel Saugeron from Montreal
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