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    Neuer Petitionstext: ***Please sign online or upload/send signed forms by 13 February at the latest*** (the Government Council is expected to make a decision in mid-February).
    ***Any person can sign, regardless of residence, nationality and age.***
    This petition supports the application of the Fondation Franz Weber/Helvetia Nostra (Swiss environmental organisation) for a respectful treatment of nature, landscape and internationally significant architecture in the border area Dornach-Arlesheim, Switzerland (see www.ffw.ch/de/news/natur-und-kulturland-droht-zerstoerung).
    **For more information and ways to support the initiative:** www.initiative-dornach-arlesheim.ch/english
    In view of the **threat posed by two major building projects directly north of the Goetheanum**, Helvetia Nostra submitted a request to the government council of Basel-Landschaft on December 27, 2019 to protect this unique natural and cultural area. Due to serious procedural errors in the planning process, a review of the two building projects is indispensable.
    The petition presented here calls on the Government Council of Basel-Landschaft to grant Helvetia Nostra's application regarding nature, landscape and architectural heritage protection.
    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Government Council of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft,
    The signing persons support Helvetia Nostra`s applications concerning nature, landscape and architectural heritage protection in the areas "Schwinbach Süd" and "Uf der Höchi II”, directly north of the Goetheanum in Arlesheim, Canton Basel-Landschaft.
    The signing persons request the following applications, presented to the government council of the canton of Basel-Landschaft by Helvetia Nostra (Swiss environmental organisation) on December 27, 2019, to be accepted:
    1. The objects of nature worthy of protection in the municipality of Arlesheim, “Schwinbach Süd” (plots 1548, 556, 1424, 560 and 3462) and “Uf der Höchi” (plot 549) are to be included in the inventory of protected natural objects.
    2. On a super-provisional basis, it is to be forbidden to the owners of these plots of land to make changes to the vegetation and the terrain under threat of the penal consequences of article 292 of the Penal Code (StGB) and § 33 of the Law on the Protection of Nature and Landscape (NLG BL).
    3. The land-use-plans (Quartierplan) for “Schwinbach Süd” and "Uf der Höchi II" are to be declared invalid and the building permits already granted are to be revoked.*
    **What is it about?**
    The border area Dornach-Arlesheim along the Schwinbach stream is embedded in a green hilly landscape with extensive near-natural gardens, a large tree population and valuable wetlands. The region has a great wealth of plants and animals, some of which are protected as rare and endangered species. In this ecologically and scenically valuable area in the canton of Solothurn (Dornach) lies the Goetheanum as a unique, nationally protected cultural heritage with international significance, right on the border to Baselland (Arlesheim). It is surrounded by numerous other outstanding examples of plastic-organic architecture. The "Federal Inventory of Swiss Sites of National Importance worthy of Protection" (ISOS) records the Goetheanum and many of its surrounding buildings under the highest possible conservation goal.
    **Threat by major building projects**
    This region with its valuable ecology, landscape and architecture is imminently threatened by two major construction projects on the north side of the Goetheanum. Right at the foot of the Goetheanum hill, on an area of about 25,500 m2, two extensive building projects with a total of more than 100 residential units in the upper price segment are planned. The project "La Colline" (see www.la-colline-arlesheim.ch) shall be built on the area "Uf der Höchi II", whereas the second building project is planned on the area "Schwinbach South". Both projects are located in the canton of Baselland, directly on the cantonal border to Solothurn, just north of the Goetheanum.
    There are serious concerns about these two major construction projects from the point of view of nature, architectural heritage and landscape protection. As a result of these building projects, a far-reaching loss of natural values, a serious impairment of the architectural cultural heritage and an irreversible destruction of the landscape ist to be assumed.
    More **For more information under: www.initiative-dornach-arlesheim.ch (currently German only, but will be translated as soon as possible)
    and ways to support the initiative:** www.initiative-dornach-arlesheim.ch/english

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