Fridays For Future

Today, openPetition participates in the global climate strike in Berlin, reflecting the commitment of its users to take action for the protection of our climate

In the course of the Fridays for Future movement, the debate about how we want to live in the future has become more lively.
Many openPetition users are committed to making their cities take measures to protect the climate.
“We must take action now and take responsibility”, several petitions demand.

53 German municipalities have shown leadership and declared climate emergency. What about your city?

Gemeinderat Wien Statements

Overview of statements in the parliament
Answer number Percentage
I agree / agree mostly   4 4,0%
No statement   1 1,0%
No answer yet   93 93,0%
No request sent. Email address unavailable.   2 2,0%

2% support a parlamentary request.
2% support a public hearing in a committee of experts.
2% support a public hearing in the parliament/plenum.

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