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Uni Vienna Against Right-Wing Extremism


Deutsche Petition

Right-wing extremist groups are also becoming more active at Uni Vienna: The attack on the theater production “Schutzbefohlene performen Jelineks Schutzbefohlene” on April 14th 2016 was the latest depressing climax.

A free University musst not provide space to those who try to destroy its freedom. Therefore, we demand that the University of Vienna take a decisive stance against right-wing extremism at Uni Vienna by especially: - Taking legal action against the offenders on the 14.4. - Implementing a zero tolerance policy of right wing extremist oriented groups, neither on the university premises, nor by providing rooms.


On the 14.4.2016, the theater production of “Schutzbefohlene performen Jelineks Schutzbefohlene” in the Audimax of the University of Vienna, on invitation by the ÖH Uni Vienna, was attacked by the neofascist group („Identitäre“); many people were injured.

This despicable attack demonstrates the latest sad summit of the Austrian extreme right-wing’s newly acquired self-confidence. Their ideas have gained traction in the past months and years in general society as well as in Parliament. In such a climate, right-wing extremists have less scruples to intimidate different-minded people and to employ violence as a political tool.

Also the University of Vienna is — of course— not a politically neutral zone. Right wing groups are becoming increasingly more active: Neo-fascists have for example tried to train fighting on the University’s premises, German right-wing fraternities perform regularly and openly at the Unirampe.

We will counter these developments resolutely!

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

Wien, 24.06.2016 (aktiv bis 07.08.2016)

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